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  1. Hi
    We live on a farm near Witbank/Bronkhorstspruit. We often find Puffaders. Yesterday my 5yr old son called me and there was a 15cm puffader next to the house where they were playing. Today we’ve already seen 2 other spiecies (by studying it seems like a Short snouted whip snake and the other one Spotted Bush Snake) I know my snakes species fairly well…and i have tremendous respect for them. Last week we had 2 Mozambique Spitting Cobras. We live 30m from the river and have lots of frogs,which must be the ‘caviar’ they are after,because its very hot and very dry here. What I want to know is if I can buy an antivenom kit from you? Just to have it incase anything ever happened and I know not all hospitals stock them or have enough?

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