Green Mamba bite


Today a friend who works at a nature reserve received a bite from a Green Mamba. He was rushed to the closest hospital. Arno was contacted by his father who said that his son could not call as he had blurred vision and could not see the numbers. Arno was very concerned and had arranged an emergency helicopter to transfer the patient to Pretoria should it be required.

When the patient’s father arrived at the ICU his son was feeling a lot better with only some swelling on his hand. He spoke to the doctor as well and gave Arno’s number to the doctor, requesting that Arno be contacted should his condition change. The doctor then replied that he knows Arno and that he received his medical training on snake bite from Arno and is following his protocol.

The patient will be held in the ICU unit for observation.

We wish the patient a speedy recovery.

Botswana Spitting Cobra Bite


Got a call from the UK just now. The persons relative in Botswana was bitten by a Spitting Cobra and the treatment has been less than the minimum standard. Within 7 minutes I had two units alerted. The private hospital had a surgeon on call that specializes in snake bite and the state hospital had prepared for him and had a surgical team available for assessment if he arrives.