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Arno Naude, well known in the herpetology and pet industry, will be presenting a Snake Identification & Bite Treatment Course. This course was the first of its kind when it was developed in 1999 and has been adapted with new changes and findings in the reptile and medical fields to keep up to date. He is also a honorary lecturer at the University of Pretoria and lecture the 5th year doctors on the treatment of snake bites.

Arno has been assisting with snake bite treatment in excess of 15 years and has assisted in numerous snake bites, saving lives and limbs. He has also been assisting vets with snake bites in animals over the past few years.

He has also assisted in the latest snake bite protocols which are being used in the top government hospital in Pretoria. Arno also has one of the largest private supply’s of antivenom in Pretoria.

This course covers the venomous snakes as well as semi-venomous snakes in RSA. You will be taught how to identify them from other snakes, what venom they possess, their distribution, habitat and how to treat their bites. You will receive all the necessary course material on the day. You will write an exam after the course and successful candidates will later receive certificates.

Immediately afterwards will be the snake handling course. This course is aimed at people that come into contact with snakes and other reptiles in the field or for people wanting to learn more on how to handle snakes and reptiles in a responsible and safe manner. The course is both theory and practical and each candidate will have the opportunity to handle a non-venomous and venomous snakes.

The various methods of handling venomous snake will be discussed as well as shown in practical demonstrations. Safe husbandry practices when venomous snakes are concerned is also discussed and explained as well as various equipment is demonstrated. All candidates must sign indemnification forms and minors need their parents / guardians permission and signature. This course is run under strict supervision, and two snake wranglers are present at all times during practical assessment.

Date: 24 September 2016
Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm
Venue: Croc City, Fourways
Cost: R1 200 per person

Bookings are essential. Contact Heidi at courses@snakebiteassist.co.za or on 0833747087 to book.

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